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The all new TestSherpa LSAT Preparation Course. Coming soon.

The LSAT and high-priced LSAT preparation shouldn't keep you from your dreams

With students all over the world, TestSherpa is the only place you can get complete test preparation for free or very low cost.

TestSherpa’s students have entered Harvard, Boalt Hall School of Law, Georgetown University, Claremont Colleges and many more prestigious universities.

M, the founder of TestSherpa, has personally taught thousands of students entering college and graduate programs over the last 17 years — and now he’s putting all of that experience online so that students can take advantage of that expertise at rates much more reasonable than traditional test preparation courses.

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Real testimonials, from real people like you

“This class opened my eyes. The LSAT suddenly seemed five times easier than it did just last week.”

“I learned more in four hours of Summit Trek than I learned in four weeks in my (company name removed) class.”

Evan Ingles

“The best thing about Summit Trek is I got to see M go through a full LSAT. It’s one thing to read about the techniques, it’s another to see them in action.”

Mike Manning

“You can tell anyone you want that I said that this is a no-brainer. You'd spend more than this just for a few LSAT books, let alone an entire class.”

Candice Cambridge