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Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, but with students all over the world, TestSherpa is the only place you can get complete test preparation for free or very low cost.

Run by a man known only as “M” (the secrets we’re giving away for free are so sensitive that we protect his true identity), TestSherpa’s students have entered Harvard, Boalt Hall School of Law, Georgetown University, Claremont Colleges and many more prestigious universities.

M has personally taught thousands of students entering college and graduate programs over the last 17 years — and now he’s putting all of that experience online so that students can take advantage of that expertise for free. “Your score on your admissions tests is one of the most important factors in getting into the school of your choice,” says M. “Fortunately, good test preparation has been shown to increase your score, in some cases dramatically. By preparing for your test, you can take control of your future. Unfortunately, until TestSherpa came along, good test preparation cost a small fortune. It’s long been a dream of mine to provide as many people as possible access to test preparation, regardless of their economic status, and TestSherpa is a step in that direction.” is fast becoming one of the top destinations for pre-graduate students looking for education and admissions advice. Students look to TestSherpa to increase their success, gain valuable inside information about the tests they face, guidance on their careers and reviews of helpful products and services.