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Least Common Multiples

You will likely need to deal with the concept of multiples on the SAT test, especially the least common multiple. A multiple is any integer that can be evenly divided by another integer. For example, 18 can be evenly divided by 9, 6 and 3, so 18 is a multiple of 9, 6 and 3. 

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Dealing With Factors

Any integer that divides into another integer evenly is a factor. For example, 3 and 2 are factors of 6, 12, 18, etc. The number 16 has 2, 4 and 8 as factors. The number is always a factor of itself. The number one is a factor for all whole numbers. 

To quickly find the total list of factors for a given number, start with 1 and the number itself and then work your way up until you start repeating numbers. For example, to factor 36:

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Quick Division on the SAT Test

Some questions involve being able to quickly divide one number by another. Of course, the SAT is not really testing your ability to do long division, although you are welcome to use long division in a jam. If you tried to crunch through all of the questions on the SAT the normal (i.e., hard) way, you would run out of time. The SAT is deliberately designed to reward you for some advanced reasoning on the math portion instead of brute force.

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Eliminating SAT Math Answer Choices

When a solutions fails you, it is time to move on and consider the process of elimination. First, you might consider skipping the question and returning later in the test. The next few questions might be about concepts you are well familiar with, so why spend extra time to get a single point when there are cheaper points to be had? But when it is time to tackle that tough question, here is the way to do it.

This is the second article in a series of articles about SAT Math Answer Choices. The series includes:

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Multiple-Choice Questions for SAT Math

Sometime, somewhere in your last ten or eleven years of schooling, you have seen multiple choice questions. Most students are happy to take a multiple-choice test rather than an essay or fill-in-the-blank test, so you may be happy to find out that more than two-thirds of the SAT Math section is made up of multiple-choice questions. Of course, the SAT might be a little sneakier in their use of multiple choice questions than your seventh grade Social Studies teacher.

This series of lesson articles will go over SAT Test Math Answer Choices. The series includes:

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The Real Trick to SAT Math

A question we get all the time from SAT students is, “aren’t you going to show me some SAT test tricks and tips that will send my score soaring?” The answer is, “yes and no.” Of course we’re going to teach you all of the inside SAT test tips and tricks that we’ve taught thousands of students. Those will get you some quick points and you’ll be glad you knew them.

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SAT Test

The SAT Test.

The TestSherpa course will go to great depths with sophisticated methods and techniques you need to know to score the highest you can on the SAT Test. This is simply a basic overview of the SAT test – the absolutely critical information you need to know to start your study.

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