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SAT Math Overview

This module is an overview of the SAT math section. Other modules in the TestSherpa Free SAT Prep Lab will cover these topics in much greater detail. You will be entirely familiar with the SAT math section – overviews, test taking techniques, scoring strategies and of course, essential math concepts. In fact, after taking the TestSherpa SAT preparation course, you may know more about math than anyone in your class. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone what a math geek you will become.

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SAT Math Timing

Since the math questions are presented in an increasing order of difficulty, dividing the section roughly into thirds will help you manage the section.You do not need a perfect score on the math section to do well on the SAT. Spend time answering the questions that you have the best shot at answering correctly. The last two or three questions on the test might take you several minutes each to answer. That time might be better spent going over some of the earlier questions where you had to make some guesses.

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SAT Math Calculator Policy

We’re not here to preach about the evils of calculators. By all means, get the best calculator you can find, as long as complies with the official SAT calculator policy, which is as follows.

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