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LSAT Test eBook

LSAT Test eBook — Now Only: $10!

Don’t short-change your law career by blowing the LSAT and going to a no-name school. Now you can download the complete TestSherpa LSAT Course eBook for only $10. This offer is only good for a limited time, so order now before the price goes back up.

Law school will cost you $250,000, can you afford not to try our $10 offer?

Are you prepared to get into the best law school you can? Does your dream career require admission to a top school? You’re going to pay $250.000+ on law school tuition whether you go to a top school or a less-respected school.  This LSAT eBook will help you get into the best law school you can.

Order the book today, because other students are already studying hard and gaining a critical advantage in their law school admissions.

Download Today Only $50   $10!



When my pre-law advisor told me that there were more than two applicants for every available seat in every law school, I knew I had to do something if I was going to get into Georgetown. I couldn’t believe how much information there is in the book for such a low price. I saved at least $1,000 by not having to sign up for the expensive prep course my friends took.
— Allison T., Chicago, IL

Two applicants for every available seat. That means you’re starting at a less than 50/50 disadvantage just to get into a mediocre school. You know you need to spend more time studying, but you can’t always fit it into your busy schedule. TestSherpa’s web course is proven, but it’s not always practical to be online. You need to have multiple readings and reinforcement of the material to score well on the LSAT test. Your law school admissions process is at risk.

Now you can download the complete TestSherpa LSAT prep course in a single PDF file so you can study from anywhere.

Download to your PC or laptop to study offline

Enjoy the convenience of studying anytime and anywhere, even if your roommate is hogging your Internet connection. The TestSherpa LSAT eBook has all of the same content arranged in a traditional workbook format that you can download to your PC or laptop. Study at your own pace on your own time.

Print a copy to take on the road

Going on a trip? Just print a copy to take along. Are you the kind of student who likes to mark up your text books as you study? You can’t do that online, but you can do whatever you want with your printed version.

“I spent the summer at my cousin’s apartment in Berkeley where I was stuck with dial-up access on an old PC. I downloaded your course on PDF. It was awesome and totally convenient. The time and hassles it saved me was worth way more than the price.”

 — Bryce Z, Malibu, CA

Download Your Copy Today Before This Offer Expires



Save hours of logging-on and clicking-through web pages. Everything you need to score high on the LSAT test and get into the law school of your choice is contained in one inexpensive LSAT eBook.

You will easily save 40 hours of time by having the entire course at your fingertips whenever you need it. How much is your time worth? How much is an extra week worth to you?

Peace of Mind

The TestSherpa process is proven. Thousands of students have used these methods to study for the LSAT. Now there is a book that features these same techniques so you can rest assured you’re getting the right kind of preparation.

“I’m in the middle of an LSAT course from another company. The course is great and they have a big study lab, but TestSherpa has put me ahead of my classmates. I printed the TestSherpa eBook and take it with me to class and I log on to TestSherpa every day to supplement the class. Everyone should sign up for your emails and read your site every day.”

 — Beth M, Tucson, AZ

Download Your Copy Today — $10 is less than the cost of two lattes!



Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll find in the LSAT eBook:

  • Huge value — 17 years of TestSherpa experience jammed into over 200 pages
  • The fastest way to get to a score of 165+
  • Simple tricks anyone can use to gain and extra 1-2 minutes in each section
  • What is a conclusion? An assumption? An Inference? You’ll rack up the points with some simple guidelines.
  • Intimidated by the Analytical Reasoning (games) section? There are more than 45 pages packed with tips for handling games and puzzles.
  • Learn how to avoid the top five sneaky wrong-answer choices the LSAT uses to trap you into missed points. WARNING: You are guaranteed to lose points if you do not read this section.
  • Learn 22 types of common logical fallacies to get easy points on the test that no one else understands.
  • Learn the secret techniques for logical reasoning that you’d normally only find in a masters level linguistics course — techniques the LSAT testmakers don’t want you to know.
  • Avoid the top 18 essay writing mistakes that will get your application rejected — your English teachers never warned you about these critical, career-ending errors.
  • If you’re not using the TestSherpa method for Reading Comprehension you’ll never have time to finish the section with a high score.
  • Why do all of the reading habits that made you successful in college actually lower your score on the LSAT? How can you unlearn these habits in time for test day?
  • Learn a test for arguments and game rules that you can apply in two seconds that is worth 10-20 “gimme” points on test day?
  • Do you know the difference between sequencing, grouping, matching and other types of games? You will after reading the TestSherpa LSAT eBook.
  • How can you make sure your written essay isn’t used against you in the admissions process even if you have a top score on the test?

TestSherpa students have entered Boalt Hall, Georgetown, Harvard, Columbia, UCLA and many other top law schools. You’ll be paying thousands of dollars in tuition — isn’t it worth $10 to spend that tuition at your top choice school? Can you afford not to download this book?

LSAT books cost $49 – $120. LSAT courses cost over $1,200. At only $10 you can you afford NOT to download this book?

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