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SAT Test Learning Lab from TestSherpa

The TestSherpa SAT Test Prep Learning Lab is currently in development. We are putting all of the content you can get from an expensive paid course online for free. Our SAT test experts have carefully designed each module to raise your score quickly. This page contains links to every module currently available in the TestSherpa SAT test course. And as always, it is available to you for free.

We have been teaching SAT Test Prep for 17 years — students taught by TestSherpa have entered Harvard, UCLA, Colorado University, Columbia, Georgetown and other tier-one schools. Take your time studying the modules below. Read them more than once. And above all, practice what you learn here with released tests.

Start with our overview of the SAT Test: All the basics you need to know about the SAT Test in one place to start your study off on the right foot.

SAT Math Overview
This module is an overview of the SAT math section.

Number Basics for SAT Math: This is a basic overview of number concepts you need to know on the SAT Test.

Multiple-Choice Questions for SAT Math
This module is an overview of how to deal with Multiple-Choice math questions on the SAT Test.

Quick Division on the SAT Test
This series explains how to deal with some tough long division questions on the SAT Test with quick tricks.

Factors and Least Common Multiples
How to deal with factors and least common multiples on the SAT Test.