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LSAT Test Prep Course

LSAT Prep CourseDramatically Increase Your LSAT Score with Insider LSAT Training 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

A special opportunity only for motivated pre-law candidates to learn powerful LSAT techniques directly from M, Test Sherpa’s founder. 

“I learned more in four hours of Summit Trek than I learned in four weeks in my (company name removed) class.” – Sarah C., Lawrence, KS

And now you can attend M’s celebrated LSAT seminar, Summit Trek, any time you want to for an entire month. We used to charge $99 for the live class but now you can get the same class for only $99  Limited Time Special Offer of $29.

About Our LSAT Test Prep Course — Now Only $99 $29

Summit Trek will immediately raise your LSAT score by sharing insider secrets for which other test prep companies charge over $1,399.

Here’s what you get for only $99  $29:

  1. The official Test Sherpa LSAT Summit Trek practice test. This is a full-length practice test with four sections you’ve never seen before.
  2. A four-and-a-half hour recorded review course — recorded directly from one of M’s own tele-classes — covering every section of the LSAT that you can access at any time for an entire month.
  3. New bonus Logic Games Workshop. Three full-length practice sections of games with complete audio class explanations. That’s an additional 4 1/2 hours of practice at no extra charge.
  4. The complete Test Sherpa LSAT E-Book included for free — Currently sold for $10 here at Test Sherpa, effectively making the “cost” of this course only $19.
  5. The test includes a particularly difficult sequencing-grouping hybrid game — a type of game that has meant the difference of 6-7 raw points for students on several of the last LSAT Test administrations.
  6. Game sketches and reading comprehension road maps that illustrate how an LSAT expert actually uses their test booklet.
  7. A brand new comparative reading passage that you cannot find anywhere, even on the Test Sherpa web site.
  8. Exclusive reserved subscriber online access to the recorded tele-conference class so you can take the class from anywhere that is convenient to you and review at any time.
  9. A full month of access to the materials for one low price.

Click here to sign up for Summit Trek today.

I asked permission from the following students to share their experiences with you:

“The best thing about Summit Trek is I got to see M go through a full LSAT. It’s one thing to read about the techniques, it’s another to see them in action.” – Lt. Sam B., Colorado Springs, CO


“You can tell anyone you want that I said that this is a no-brainer. You can’t even buy an LSAT book for that price, let alone a class.” Mary D., New York, NY


“This class opened my eyes. The LSAT suddenly seemed five times easier than it did just last week.” Steve R., Orlando, FL

Why are we offering this class so cheaply?

The reason is a pretty simple one. Other companies believe that helping a privileged few and charging thousands of dollars is the fastest way to profit. We believe in helping the most people possible, regardless of their economic status. In doing so, we hope you will tell your friends about our incredible value and we will continue to succeed together.

We used to offer this class as a live tele-conference, but that raised our costs and forced us to charge more ($99) to our students. We decided to offer this course with recorded audio which gives you three clear benefits:

  1. The price is significantly lower — now only $29 for an introductory period.
  2. You get to hear the class directly from M, the founder of Test Sherpa and well-known LSAT expert, rather than another instructor.
  3. You can listen to the class over and over again for an entire month of access rather than one quick live class. This is a great opportunity to review your notes and score even higher.

Don’t wait another day to prepare. The LSAT Test is approaching and your competition is already prepping. Click here to sign up for Summit Trek right now.

We have to give you one word of warning:

LSAT Summit Trek is intense and not for the faint of heart. Only enroll if you are highly motivated to succeed, which I know you are. LSAT secrets, tips, concepts, methods and systems will come at you in rapid fire fashion. Our goal is to make test preparation affordable for everyone, which means we cram in everything we can as fast as we can to keep our bandwidth costs low. But that intensity will be well worth it if you are committed to success.

Signing Up For Summit Trek is Easy

LSAT Prep CourseWhen you sign up for Summit Trek, you will be given access to a subscribers-only section of the web site that contains the $10 e-book, the practice test, the review sketches and road maps and the recorded audio classes for each section of the practice test. You will be given a month of access to these materials for the low price of $29. It’s that simple. You won’t find a better LSAT prep course for the price anywhere else.

Then, simply log in, read the book, take the test, and listen to the classes when you’re ready to learn how to master the LSAT.

Sign up for Summit Trek today at this outrageously low introductory price.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This program is awesome. The book is great, the classes are even better. I can’t thank you enough.

  2. I learned more in this class in one day than I did in my $1300 class from another company. With the other class I paid $1300 to watch a brand new instructor struggle his way through the material. But with your class I got to really see how you would think through every question. It really opened my eyes to how the test work. Yale, here I come!

  3. I wish I had found you before I tried two other classes with no success. I feel so confident now. Your system is the best.

  4. i gotta be honest, i didn’t think 29 bucks would get me very far. wow was I wrong. you are the real thing. i scored 170 and now i need to work on my personal statement into the middle of the night…

  5. I had to share a funny story with you. I was just about to sign up for another test prep company when I asked them about Test Sherpa. They got really defensive, so I knew then that you must be doing something right. I’m so glad I signed up for your Summit Trek before I gave them $1,200. Your class was just what I needed and I couldn’t be happier with my score. I’ve been accepted to three of my top choice schools. You’re the best.

  6. Completely the best, most up-to-date, easiest to use LSAT program I’ve ever seen. I’m a pre-law advisor and I’m sending all of my students to you now. I’m really amazed at the value you offer. Kudos.

  7. Unbelievable. I’m glad I found you. The class materials are way beyond what I expected for the price. The class itself is unlike anything I’ve taken regarding the LSAT test because you show your thinking live. It’s like getting inside of an LSAT guru’s head. I can’t thank you enough.

  8. Amazing. The whole course is great. I was really surprised by the high quality of the materials. But that third Logic Games test was killer. I feel so confident after seeing that. I feel like I can tackle anything. Just that one test was worth the price. Thanks so much.

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