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Gary Said,
March 31st, 2010 @10:28 am  

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This program is awesome. The book is great, the classes are even better. I can’t thank you enough.

Sarah Faber Said,
June 18th, 2010 @10:34 am  

I learned more in this class in one day than I did in my $1300 class from another company. With the other class I paid $1300 to watch a brand new instructor struggle his way through the material. But with your class I got to really see how you would think through every question. It really opened my eyes to how the test work. Yale, here I come!

C Kinder Said,
October 1st, 2010 @1:17 pm  

Your class is insanely good. I’m telling everyone I know about it.

Dana Richards Said,
June 22nd, 2011 @7:34 am  

I wish I had found you before I tried two other classes with no success. I feel so confident now. Your system is the best.

DjangoFan Said,
September 27th, 2011 @8:44 pm  

i gotta be honest, i didn’t think 29 bucks would get me very far. wow was I wrong. you are the real thing. i scored 170 and now i need to work on my personal statement into the middle of the night…

Danny Huber Said,
October 16th, 2011 @3:33 pm  

The quality of your materials is surprisingly good. Keep up the great work.

Tina Ring Said,
November 28th, 2011 @1:58 am  

I had to share a funny story with you. I was just about to sign up for another test prep company when I asked them about Test Sherpa. They got really defensive, so I knew then that you must be doing something right. I’m so glad I signed up for your Summit Trek before I gave them $1,200. Your class was just what I needed and I couldn’t be happier with my score. I’ve been accepted to three of my top choice schools. You’re the best.

Jon Moore Said,
February 23rd, 2012 @11:45 am  

Completely the best, most up-to-date, easiest to use LSAT program I’ve ever seen. I’m a pre-law advisor and I’m sending all of my students to you now. I’m really amazed at the value you offer. Kudos.

Anne Garner Said,
March 16th, 2012 @11:47 pm  

Beautiful. Your approach is simply elegant. I got it right away. Just beautiful.

Kevin Prowler Said,
April 10th, 2012 @4:53 pm  

Unbelievable. I’m glad I found you. The class materials are way beyond what I expected for the price. The class itself is unlike anything I’ve taken regarding the LSAT test because you show your thinking live. It’s like getting inside of an LSAT guru’s head. I can’t thank you enough.

Ron Weiss Said,
May 20th, 2012 @1:50 pm  

Amazing. The whole course is great. I was really surprised by the high quality of the materials. But that third Logic Games test was killer. I feel so confident after seeing that. I feel like I can tackle anything. Just that one test was worth the price. Thanks so much.

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