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Ace your test without paying an arm and a leg.

Your test score is the single most important factor in your admissions file that you can influence today. Test Sherpa offers a radical change in test preparation. While others are charging over $3,000 for test prep, we believe that test prep should be accessible to all regardless of their economic status.

LSAT Options:

Online LSAT Prep Course: Only $29

Now you can attend M’s celebrated LSAT seminar, Summit Trek, any time you want to for an entire month. We used to charge $99 for the live class but now you can get the same class for only $99  Limited Time Special Offer of $29. Summit Trek will immediately raise your LSAT score by sharing insider secrets for which other test prep companies charge over $1,399.

Learn more about Summit Trek.

LSAT Test E-Book: Only $10

Our LSAT E-book is like a first aid kit for your LSAT score. We wanted to do something special for students preparing for the December 8, 2008 LSAT who couldn’t afford the extra $19 for Summit Trek. So we’ve reduced the price of our LSAT eBook from $50 to $10.

Yes, you read that right. It’s normally $50 but now it is $10. Go to our LSAT eBook page to learn more, because at $10, everyone can afford the proven method for acing the LSAT test.

We can’t afford to make that a permanent offer, so we’re incenting students with initiative to score high on the LSAT test. This is a limited time offer, so download the LSAT eBook today before we change our minds.

What? $10 is Still Too Much?

Don’t worry. The LSAT eBook is the most complete option and dollar for dollar the best value in test prep today. But you have other options as well:

Sign up for the Test Sherpa LSAT Email Class

Study our online LSAT learning lab

Need SAT Training?

We also offer SAT information as well. We’re currently building our complete training lab and classes, but you’re welcome to take a sneak peek at our SAT Test page.